History is one of America’s best teachers, and a generation often forgotten about in the equal rights movement happens to be the younger generation. That’s why the “Sojourn To The Past” project concentrates on educating students about the Civil Rights Movement, so they do not repeat the same mistakes.

“Listening to them speak and their hard stories is nothing compared to what they actually went through,” a participant of the Sojourn To The Past project, Adrian Harris said. “So, I am learning to be grateful and I am also learning to forgive those who have been cruel to me and who have done me wrong, and also try my best to ask for forgiveness for those that I’ve done wrong too.”

Harris learns these lessons from civil rights activists such as the Dahmer family, Angela Lewis (the daughter of James Chaney), and investigative reporter Jerry Mitchell. All of whom have passed down the valuable lessons needed to end racism and hate.

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