What Parents Need to Know

“If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”

~ Congressman John Lewis, 5th District of Georgia, Civil Rights Leader, Sojourn Mentor

What Parents Need to Know

“If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”

~ Congressman John Lewis, 5th District of Georgia, Civil Rights Leader, Sojourn Mentor

Sojourn Project is renowned for innovative, living-history, moving classroom Journeys for high school and middle school youth, along the path of the Modern Civil Rights Movement.

Over the past nineteen years Sojourn has:

  • Engaged more than 400,000 youth, parents, teachers, and friends across the country.
  • Stewarded more than 8,800 kids from 21 middle and high schools in six states on 88 six-day/seven-night Journeys.
  • Witnessed Sojourn alum implement positive social change in their homes, schools, communities, and lives.
  • Gained National Recognition.
  • Helped students raise more than $1 million in scholarship money.

Walking in the footsteps of the brave Little Rock Nine, young pioneers for social justice.

Achieving Super-Positive Outcomes.

On Sojourn, learning is direct, personal, and transformational. Sojourners discover that they have the power to become active, engaged contributors to society. Able to realize their full potential, regardless of life’s challenges. Discovering that their voices and points of view matter.

Sojourn alum Leanne Harris explains it beautifully: “Many of the concepts taught on Sojourn are concepts that cannot be engraved in minds and hearts unless experienced.”

The Sojourn Project Journey Package.

  • Epic administrative and academic infrastructure
  • Phased parent meetings so everyone’s in the loop and prepared
  • Vibrant academic curriculum and interactive coursework
  • Dynamic, customized itinerary
  • Engaging, impactful educators in history and the humanities

  • Instruction with inspirational veteran leaders of the Civil Rights Movement
  • Entrance to all museums, interactive exhibits, tours, and historical locations
  • Air and ground transportation, chaperones, nurse, security, and lodging
  • Option to register for three college credits
  • Experience of a lifetime!

Bringing Everyone Along.

We provide financial aid to low-income students for 1%-60% of the tuition, with fundraising support for the remainder. Ensuring that all young people, regardless of ability to pay, can participate in this transformative trip!

Your student’s academic record and immigration status are not a prerequisite for attendance. All are welcome. Contact your child’s school Sojourn teacher or Ask Sojourn for details.

Stay Connected.

Sojourn Journey Overview

Middle School Parents 2018 Meeting Dates

High School Parents 2018 Meeting Dates

Journey Applications for Students & for Participant Family Members

Sojourn for Participant Families – You Can Take the Journey, Too.

Please join us and your teen for this empowering living-history Journey as a fully engaged participant. No chaperone duties, you’ll be traveling the path of the Modern Civil Rights Movement, meeting with all of the speakers, and having your own transformative experiences, right along with the students.

Minnijean Brown Trickey on Sojourn to the Past


Modern Heroes: Little Rock, Arkansas

September 1957 —
Minnijean Brown-Trickey and eight other African American teens, known as the Little Rock Nine, withstood violent protests to attend Little Rock Central High after the Supreme Court outlawed segregation.

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