Preparing for your Sojourn Journey


Collectively, Sojourn alumni demonstrate an increased sense of empowerment to affect change and help others.

Preparing for your Sojourn Journey


Collectively, Sojourn alumni demonstrate an increased sense of empowerment to affect change and help others.

As fellow educators, we understand that your time at school is already challenged. Therefore, Sojourn Project has developed and refined a teacher-friendly, moving-classroom infrastructure that ensures success and the most profound takeaways: igniting critical thinking skills, generating goodwill toward others, embracing diversity, and inspiring societal change. This is our promise.

Every participating teacher receives Sojourn’s New Teacher Manual (please contact us to request). Included are a wealth of easy-to-follow tools, templates, and recommendations you may work from.

The Sojourn logistics team is here to help, as we have done for more than 8,800 students and their teachers since 1999.

Sojourn Project is a wholly unique, transformative academic, moving classroom immersion program, and a catalyst for humanity.

360˚ Sojourn Support.


  • Dynamic anti-racism and Civil Rights Movement presentations for students
  • Parent/student/teacher Journey planning and preparation meetings
  • Insights for boosting faculty, administration, and school board support
  • Templates to create positive Sojourn student club identity on campus
  • Solicitation letters, instructions, and resources for tuition fundraising
  • Press release templates to help ensure media coverage
  • Recommendations for weekly outside reading and expectations

On the Journey

  • Lead teacher with deep American Civil Rights expertise, background in education, and passion for inspiring youth
  • Middle and high school-specific binders, books, handouts, and resources
  • Daily, experiential lessons using primary source documents
  • Multimedia curriculum, including history, politics, literature, music, and poetry
  • Civil Rights icon on entire Journey
  • Civil Rights luminaries joining us at landmark stops
  • Chaperones, nurse, security, bus drivers


  • Input for project and Action Plan development
  • Guidelines for students working toward college credit
  • Suggestions for engaging students in public outreach, sharing their Sojourn Journey experiences at school and within the community

Go to the Source.

American freedom and democracy were founded not only in Philadelphia in 1776. American freedom and democracy also were founded in the 1950s and 1960s in the American South. The people your students are about to study on their immersive journey along the path of the Modern Civil Rights Movement, and meet in person, are also founding fathers and mothers of this great country, dedicating their lives to the ideals the United States of America was founded on: freedom and equality for all people.

Inevitably, the persons whom Sojourners will learn most about are not the speakers or teachers, but rather themselves.

Learn what distinguishes Sojourn from other educational field trips.

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